Given the level of reliance businesses place on their supply chain, the resilience of that supply chain is now a critical agenda item with far reaching consequences should it be disrupted. 

In November 2023, we held a virtual roundtable event on Supply Chain Resilience. During the session, we brought together a focused group from across industry sectors to gain their perspectives on this important topic.


Supply Chain Resilience White Paper

This white paper introduces the topic of supply chain resilience; why it’s important to your business, and the areas you should begin to consider on your journey from traditional third-party management to a wider more successful approach to a resilient supply chain.

This white paper is a summary of our Supply Chain Resilience roundtable which includes statistics and analysis for your consideration and context for your own organisation.

You will gain valuable insight about: 

  • Defining supplier resilience
  • Why supplier resilience is important
  • The biggest concerns of supplier resilience

We hope this white paper broadens your understanding of supply chain resilience and equips you with the knowledge to navigate its complexities effectively. 

Download your copy



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