Change isn’t easy – underestimating costs, uncovering technical debt, discovering lurking data quality issues, aligning complex change dependencies, and a shortage of talent are all common challenges that need to be overcome. Leaders must maintain the big picture and purpose, develop the culture, capability and systems needed to confidently deliver the vision and the supporting strategic objectives.

In February 2024, we held a virtual roundtable event - 'Change is a Journey' where an intimate group from across retail, insurance, banking, consumer lending, and professional services was brought together to gain their perspectives on the important topic of change assurance and audit.


Change is a Journey White Paper

Our white paper introduces the topic of change audit and assurance and why it’s important to your organisation. It highlights areas for considerations to ensure that assurance is useful in reducing risk and that change activity generates only the expected outcomes.

The key findings from the roundtable - 'Change is a Journey', including statistics and analysis, have been included in this white paper for your consideration and context for your own organisation.

You will gain valuable insight about: 

  • The extent and complexity of change audit
  • The most prominent risks and pitfalls to avoid
  • How to provide assurance that adds value

We hope this white paper offers valuable insights, broadens your understanding of change audit and assurance and equips you with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of change.

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