Delivery of digital services require teams that are self-organising and cross-functional, and may require skills that don’t currently exist in your organisation. We are a team of technologists, engineers, architects, delivery leads, security, risk and control professionals who understand the commercial realities of business. Technology also plays a significant role in supporting teams to deliver change quickly. We bring together complimentary skills to help you and your teams deliver change at pace supported by two core competencies:

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What is Agile Delivery?

Agile delivery is an iterative approach to software delivery in which teams build software incrementally at the beginning of a project rather than ship it at once upon completion. Agile development means taking iterative, incremental, and lean approaches to streamline and accelerate the delivery of projects.

Why Is It Important?

By breaking down what are often large projects into manageable units, the project team can focus on high-quality development, testing, and collaboration. Agile delivery helps teams to deal with many of the most common project pitfalls (such as cost, schedule predictability and scope creep) in a more controlled manner.

How Can DCR Partners Help?

Proof of concept:

Looking to get started but don’t know where to start? Start small, that’s our view! We can help you quickly establish a proof of concept to tackle a specific business objective. We can bring together and help facilitate discussions with your team to produce tangible actions and outcomes.

Delivery support:

Short of expertise and resources to move your initiatives forward? We can help through the provision of delivery expertise, including:

  • Delivery Managers.
  • Technical Architects.
  • Full Stack Developers.
  • Digital and Cyber Risk Specialists.

Other Services

Cyber Security & Operational Resilience

To become secure and resilient, you need to take a multi-layered approach to protecting your business. We provide a comprehensive range of cyber security, data privacy and operational resilience services to help you assess, build and improve your capabilities.

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Change Assurance & Advisory

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly investing in change, particularly in technology and data. This shift is driven by the need to stay competitive and agile in a market where technological advancements are constantly reshaping consumer expectations and industry standards. By embracing innovative technologies and harnessing the power of data, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth, enhance operational efficiency, and create more personalised customer experiences.

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