‘On the Pulse’ represents a series of flagship events and thought pieces which focus on topics that are at the forefront of thinking for many businesses. The series aims to bring together cross-functional groups of individuals, from across industry to share perspectives and experiences. Importantly we want participants to obtain actionable insight that can be taken into their roles. We believe that there are significant opportunities to learn and grow from individuals who have different perspectives to that of our own.


Supply Chain Roundtable

Covid-19 has introduced both challenges and opportunities for organisations engaging with third party suppliers. As we adapt to this ‘new normal’, DCR Partners brought together a range of leaders on 20th August 2020 to share their experiences in the format of an ‘On the Pulse’ roundtable event. The event provided an opportunity to understand how different sectors, organisations and individuals have adapted to the risks and opportunities in their supply chain.

The key topics of discussion were:

1. Value in your supply chain. Understanding critical suppliers and improving value creation during uncertain times.

2. How has Covid-19 changed the way your suppliers work? What are the implications for service continuity?

3. Understanding new risks in your supply chain.

4. Supplier Management – is it now better or worse?

This whitepaper outlines the key discussion points and lessons learnt that were shared during our virtual roundtable event.

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