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Over the years we had seen far too many companies spend vast amounts of money on technology driven projects where the expected benefits never really materialised.

This often left those on the ground frustrated and those at the top asking “what just happened?” – potentially millions of pounds out of pocket. Worse still, businesses were often left with new risks which they had not yet considered. This created additional financial and operation headaches if those risks materialised (but hey – lets worry about that when we have to).

Our experiences did though show us that there is another way. So in 2014, DCR Partners was formed. In simple terms, we support businesses to improve their return on investment in technology and resilience. For us, this starts with people and the technology.

We are a team of technologists, engineers, architects, delivery leads, security, risk and control professionals who understand the commercial realities of business. We are passionate about helping our clients improve performance whilst managing risk in their business effectively.

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Our Partnerships

For us, technology is an enabler to improve business performance. We are technology agnostic but recognise the benefits of having deep skills in key technologies.

With this in mind we continue to evolve our partnerships which at present include being part of the Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner networks respectively. These partnerships help us develop our people and also serve our clients by bringing breadth and depth of experience.

We are also members of the Internet of Things (IoT) Security Foundation. A not for profit organisation focused on helping improve the security and resilience of internet connected devices. As businesses evolve to leverage the potential of IoT, we strive to be at the forefront of thinking.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Business doesn’t stand still. Nor do we – we are highly committed to investing in our people, processes and technology. This is recognised via our continued commitment in industry recognised standards. We are currently ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) certified.

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