In Q3 2021 DCR Partners teamed up with Marks Sattin to bring together a range of leaders in Audit, Risk and Assurance functions to discuss their perspectives at a roundtable event.
The focus of the event was how organisations can ‘maximise the opportunity from cloud computing’.


Managing the Cloud Opportunity

The concepts behind ‘cloud’ computing are not new. In fact, the idea of outsourcing some of the effort involved in managing and delivering technology platforms has been around for decades.
However, in recent years the growth and dominance of some of the major cloud providers has provided organisations with easy access to hyper-scalable, hyper-resilience platforms on which
to build their technology platforms.

A shift to cloud platforms can present many opportunities to organisations such as; the ability to rapidly develop, test and deploy systems; the ability to automate the configuration and management of virtual infrastructure; and, the opportunity to reduce capital expenditure and
effectively manage their opex so that they are only paying for the services they need, when they need them.

Our whitepaper outlines the key discussion points and lessons learnt that were shared during our virtual roundtable event.


Our whitepaper considers:

1. Does your business including risk and assurance teams have a consistent understanding of what 'cloud' means?

2. Changes to business priorities have meant that cloud adoption has increased over the past 12-18 months.

3. Have you considered and evaluated how cloud adoption will support the delivery of your strategic objectives?

4. Does your assurance plan have appropriate coverage of cloud adoptions within your organisation & deliver maximum value and insight?

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