Leading at All Levels Across DCR

At DCR Partners we believe in the principles of ‘leading at all levels’. 

Leadership isn't reserved for just those who are senior or have a big title, we believe that everyone can and should lead.  It helps individuals feel empowered, build confidence, develop communication skills and importantly take comfort in knowing we are all on a journey of self-development and improvement.

Not only do the principles of leading at all levels inspire our people to take action, they support our vision to delivering a world class service to our clients. In our view strong leadership fosters collaboration, strong communication and ultimately builds trust. Trust is the foundation by which we work together and engage with our clients.

We believe leadership is a skill that should be developed and refined. We’ve recently enlisted the help of Langley Sharp to support the development of our leadership framework. Langley is the former Head of the Centre for Army Leadership for the British Army. He is also the author of the book 'The Habit of Excellence'.

Langley has had a significant impact already! No doubt this will further enhance how we develop all team members but also how we support our clients.

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