Service Optimisation

Service operations are where companies often win or lose customers. Our Service Optimisation services focus on helping organisations boost customer loyalty and satisfaction by establishing models of service excellence.

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What's your game plan to reduce risk & optimise spend on technology?

Many organisations have commenced moves to use public cloud technologies alongside their on-premise infrastructure. In most circumstances the public cloud provides better value for money than on-premise technology, but the way you’re charged is different. Your bills are often more dynamic and will change according to your usage. Whilst long-term costs are often lower, monthly costs could increase or decrease significantly as your demand fluctuates.

This means you need to be flexible in how you budget for cloud services both in terms of the software licence agreements and support you need alongside your ongoing consumption. You need to establish systems and processes to monitor your spending and design your applications to take advantage of the cloud cost model.

Ensuring that you have a comprehensive picture of your ongoing cloud spend (alongside your investments in on-premise technology) will help you avoid unexpected ‘bill shock’ and make it easier to continually carry out cost optimisation. This will ensure that your technology remains as efficient as possible.

DCR Partners powered by Crayon provide Technology / Software Agreement Optimisation services to help reduce risk and improve the technology cost base.

What is Agreement Optimisation?

Agreement Optimisation is a framework to help organisations succeed in contract negotiations from a position of knowledge and strength. Customers average 20-30% cost savings after optimisation.

Agreement Optimisation Process

Agreement Optimisation is a framework to help organisations succeed in contract negotiations from a position of knowledge and strength. Customers average 20-30% cost savings after optimisation.


Compliance Phase Icon

Compliance Phase

Establish a point in time review of where the software estate is based on what is owned and what is deployed.


Roadmap Phase Icon

Roadmap Phase

Identify future plans for your software estate and business objectives. Establish a sustainable roadmap for new technology within the different workloads.


Scenario Planning Phase Icon

Scenario Planning Phase

Develop licensing scenarios based on findings of the two previous phases. Scenarios cover cost modeling and licensing optimisation.


Negotiation Phase Icon

Negotiation Phase

Assist stakeholders as they negotiate an optimal agreement based on current and future technology needs.


Implementation Phase Icon

Implementation Phase

Ensure that relevant stakeholders are familiar with the new agreement structure, implementation, and associated benefits to maximise return on investment.

Examples Vendors Supported

  • Microsoft
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Oracle
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM
  • SAP
  • Customer Vertical: Insurance.
  • Agreement Optimisation.
  • Savings of £8.9M on a £40M renewal.
  • Customer Vertical: Health Information Technologies and Clinical Research Opportunity Assessment.
  • Cost Avoidance Savings of £10M.
  • Customer Vertical: Global Manufacturer.
  • Agreement Optimisation.
  • Savings of 26% over previous agreement.

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