In simple terms, we established 'On The Pulse' to bring together leaders across industry in the form of a virtual community, to share insight and learning during a very challenging 2020. Insight has been shared through roundtable events, whitepapers and webinars. 


Cloud Security: Making Your Cloud Watertight

Covid-19 has perhaps been the biggest catalyst for the rapid adoption of cloud technologies that we have ever seen. As customers shifted overnight to online only engagement and people around the world hastily transformed a corner of their home into an office space, many organisations found that they lacked the digital technologies and capabilities to effectively maintain their operations.

Cloud solutions have been able to support organisations in several ways throughout this period, namely they:

- Allowed organisations to rapidly deploy collaboration tools to allow their people to continue to work well as a team.

- Allowed organisations to quickly make information and resources available to remote workers where they may not have been able to previously.

-Provided a resilient platform that can rapidly scale to adapt to increased customer and colleague demand,

- Helped drive innovation and new ways of working which has supported closer engagement with their employees, customers and suppliers alike.

Whilst cloud solutions have undoubtedly presented lots of opportunities for organisations, new and novel risks associated with the use of such solutions have also been introduced. Our October 2020 roundtable event brought together leaders from across Security, Risk, Assurance and Operational teams to talk about these risks, and how they can be managed effectively. At a high level the roundtable covered:

1. What does cloud mean to your business?

2. What is driving your move to cloud technologies?

3. How are you assuring security?

4. What are you most concerned about?

5. What does the future hold?

This whitepaper outlines the key discussion points and lessons learnt that were shared during our virtual roundtable event.

Download your copy

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