With social distancing and most of the world shifting to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, video-conferencing has ballooned. Schools, organisations, political parties and individuals have turned to using platforms such as Zoom to stay connected with their teams, friends and relatives.

However, this tremendous growth has brought their flaws to light. They were the first to admit that it’s growth and increase of workload has left many people using the platform without the correct security and privacy measures in place that they need.

So, here we have pulled together 7 tips to ensure security and privacy while you’re using Zoom to fulfil your video-conferencing needs:


Password protect your meetings

Use a strong and unique password and protect your account with two-factor authentication.

Don't allow users to join before you or the host have joined

This prevents the hacker from taking control of the meeting. The use of waiting rooms allows the host to screen everyone entering the meeting to ensure no one uninvited can get in.

Lock down your meeting once everyone has joined

Zoom allows you to block people from joining once this is activated.

Turn off participant screen sharing (until needed)

This prevents unwanted content from being shared.

Use randomly generated meeting IDs

This will minimise the chances of a hacker joining your meeting by guessing the ID.

Avoid file sharing

To ensure that you protect sensitive company / personal information.

Check for and apply security updates to the software

This means you will keep on top of the improvements that Zoom are launching.



It is important that everybody in your team is aware of the security and privacy settings in Zoom and how to use them if you’re going to use it for business purposes.

There are likely to be more recommendations but that’s a few of the key ones.


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